Pop and glamour lead to degradation of the society, said Patriarch Kirill

 Pop and glamour lead to degradation of the society, said Patriarch KirillPatriarch Kirill said that psevdotsennosti replying cultural space of Russia, lead to the degradation of society, according to Orthodoxy.Roux on February 23.Today we have to create such conditions under which our society, especially young people, will itself refuse vulgarity, from the stranglehold of what is now called pop, glamour. Real culture, the great treasure we possess, should be attractive gloss, attractive pop в said Patriarch Kirill at the enlarged session of the Patriarchal Council for culture at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.Book shelves and ethereal space should not be filled only easy, fried, commercially viable products. People need to see not only gloss, but real creativity, art. Then we can say that humans have a real choice, " he added.The Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church believes that to lead a productive dialogue about the culture in the society is possible only if there is agreement about the Foundation of national life.These values, primarily lie in the moral plane, because morality is unchanging. If morality is subject to change, it loses its absolute value to human life. To relativetourl morality tried many, primarily ideologues, в said the head of the ROC MP.We remember: well that's good for the working class, well that's good to great Germany, and so forth. Читать полностью -->

United Russia has decided to revive municipal police it will help the police

 United Russia has decided to revive municipal police  it will help the policeIn the state Duma on Thursday introduced a bill giving local governments the right to create municipal police. The author of the amendments to the Federal law On General principles of organization of local self-government in the Russian Federation is the first Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on civil, criminal, arbitration and procedural legislation United Russia party, Andrei Nazarov, RBC reports.In connection with the entry into force of the law On police public order and ensuring public safety is vested in the police. However, as practice shows, the patrols on the ground is carried out, including neighbourhood watch groups, " said the initiator of the amendments on the website of the EP.In recent years, the country had 36 thousand associations, consisting of about 400 thousand people annually and about 40 thousand crimes revealed through people's guards. This raises the need to create a legal framework for the activities of the so-called helpers of the police, or rather the municipal police, " he explained.Nazarov stressed that granting regions the right to enact their own laws on the establishment of the local militia does not preclude further development and introduction of the Federal law on municipal police, but on the contrary, will allow to accumulate the necessary normative and legal practices.It is expected that the bill will be considered after the December 4 parliamentary elections, says Kasparov.ru. The Duma of the fifth convocation on November 23, spent the last meeting.As recalled by the online newspaper, recently the Minister of defence of Russia Anatoly Serdyukov said that in 2012 in the Armed forces of Russia still appears the military police. Employees to deal with bullying and stop the theft of military property. Читать полностью -->

St. Petersburg authorities have suspended the controversial project land reclamation in the Gulf

Ambitious and controversial project structure the largest independent gas producer in Russia, NOVATEK on the alluvium of the new territories in the Gulf of Finland and the construction of a residential area with an area of 3.5 million sq m can be broken.According to Kommersant, on the suspension of the project on alluvium 376,9 ha of new areas in the Gulf of Finland for the construction of luxury homes in the Resort area, said Tuesday the Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko. This project implements OOO Severo-Zapad invest, controlled by the Chairman of the Board of the gas company NOVATEK, Leonid Mikhelson.It is necessary to undertake an environmental audit, to examine the impact of these reclamation on the environment, on natural conditions and after that to decide, said Poltavchenko.The statement of the Governor was preceded by an attempt of the members of the faction Yabloko and a just Russia at the beginning of February to organize a citywide referendum and make him question do you Agree that in the Gulf of Finland, in the area North of the settlement the Fox Nose - the city of Sestroretsk city of St. Petersburg were reclaimed (backfilled) new territories?. But against this idea were made by the deputies of United Russia. Georgy Poltavchenko yesterday also said that holding a referendum is not necessary, adding that this problem concerns only the part of residents, but not all.Proper disposal of the government to expand the boundaries of St. Читать полностью -->

Business loop deputies plan to cut

 Business loop deputies plan to cutWЕ‚adysЕ‚aw JaworskiThe state Duma in this session is planning a number of measures aimed at tightening standards of conduct for parliamentarians themselves. The Secretary of the General Council "United Russia" Sergey Neverov has already stated that it is necessary to amend the law on status of Deputy of the: United Russia proposes to prescribe the procedure for the transfer of management functions to the newly-elected deputies, previously involved in the business.As explained by the newspaper VIEW himself Neverov, in the near future the possibility of such amendment will be discussed: "If a candidate is elected Deputy to the state Duma, and before that was involved in the management of the business, has been in this business a controlling stake, in our view, should clearly and in detail state the procedure for the transfer of these functions to other entities or persons".And Neverov, the Deputy the General Council Andrei Isayev and even drafted a bill that would prohibit close relatives to be a state Duma deputies and Federation Council members.In conversation with the newspaper VIEW Isaev explained that his initiative does not limit the constitutional right of citizens to be elected. "Relatives can be elected, but after that they will have to decide which of them to fill public office. Similarly I do not consider the restriction of constitutional rights by not allowing the relatives to work in some state bodies, Executive authorities," he said.According to him, "if relatives happen to be in the same division, in subjection to one another, they must choose who will stay and who will go to another job". "In the end, we only have 600 deputies and Federation Council members. It is not necessary to turn this into a family front, as is currently happening with the social-revolutionaries," в said Isayev. Читать полностью -->

State Duma Deputy Elena Mizulina: "Wikipedia cover-up pedophile lobby""

 State Duma Deputy Elena Mizulina: Roman Dobrokhotov Nikita Lashuk Margarita BelodedovaThe draft Law on the "black list" of Internet sites was perceived as an attempt to introduce censorship. Russian Wikipedia went on strike for a day, Livejournal protested, Vkonakte on each page posted a link with the words "In the state Duma of Russia obeys the law on the introduction of Internet censorship. Details on ru.wikipedia.org". Slon invited to comment on the law on the "black list" of Internet sites the author of the bill to Elena MizulinaWhy do you think Wikipedia and Livejournal so rigidly opposed the bill against child pornography (on the "black list" of Internet sites)?"You know, I do not really wish to make this assumption, but I have a long experience of parliamentary activity, I have supported legislation to combat trafficking in women and children for sexual exploitation... I know how much resistance you face. Then known antipaedophile the bill, the definition of child porn and so on... Читать полностью -->

Rosstat: the third of Russians working in the shadows and don't pay taxes

 Rosstat: the third of Russians working in the shadows and don't pay taxesThe number of employees of large and medium-sized enterprises for the six months decreased by 112 thousand people, claim statistics. From January 2011 to June 2012 balance hired and fired was almost minus 300. To reduce the number of able-bodied it has nothing: on the contrary, over the past eighteen months, the number of employed people increased by 2.6 million (3.7%) to 72.2 million, and the unemployment rate declined from 7.8 to 5.4%. The labour market is growing at the expense of informal employment, indicate statements.According to Rosstat, as of June, the large-and medium-sized enterprises, as well as in the public sector are working to 34.9 million people, 48% of all employed in the economy. Together with the employees of small enterprises in the corporate sector employs about 45 million people. Of the 27 million remaining 5.4 million can be attributed to individual entrepreneurs and their hired. Читать полностью -->

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